Welcome to Chloe’s Garden! We are so happy you found us:)

What started over 40 years ago as a hobby has blossomed into a magnificent obsession and we are very happy to share that with you!!

I started growing Cattleyas at age 11 when I saw my first orchid through the shade cloth of a greenhouse. I later returned and bought that orchid for $1.25. It was in bloom too! It was love a first sight for me and I have continued to grow Cattleyas and many other orchids over the years, but I never forgot that first orchid:)

If you are new to growing orchids there is an orchid for any growing condition, shady, sunny, warm, cold, etc. Most of them are not hard to grow and will live for many years and provide you with many beautiful flowers.  Feel free to send a us a message if you have questions about growing. We would be happy to help you.

For information on repotting orchids please check out our new potting page!


Lovely Fragrant Dendrobium loddigesii $22.95

Blooming size, may be in bud/bloom.

Angraecum Mem. Mark Aldridge


Beautiful Angraecum flowers, large plants, now starting to spike!

Dendrobium unicum in bud $16.50

Wonderful miniature orchid with lots of bright orange flowers. Great windowsill specimen.

Dendrobium smilliae x smilliae in 2 inch pot.


Dramatic unusual flowers make this Dendrobium a show stopper! Two inch pot size..

Dendrobium chrysotoxum v. suavissium


 Wonderful sprays of yellow and red fragrant flowers, blooming size next spring.

Broughtonia sanguinea v. aurea x Star Splash 19.95

Gorgeous splashes on yellow flowers. Hard to find! Blooming size.


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